The mission of ACCG is to make available high quality behavioral health care services to clients of all ages, and where appropriate, their families. We are committed to providing a full range of mental health services to clients, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity, and to maintaining an ongoing commitment to cultural sensitivity. Preserving and strengthening the family system as a basis for continued mental health services is a top priority, as well as providing other related services as an adjunct to mental and emotional well-being.  Our objective is to provide the highest quality of psychiatric outpatient care in order to increase the level of patient functioning and well-being so that patients will require less intensive services.  These services will be provided to individuals who require active outpatient treatment, whether the client is suffering from chronic or acute mental disorders. The global goal of these services is improved outcomes manifested in symptom reduction and improvement of functioning in individual children, adults, and their families.  In support of this mission, ACCG governance, processes, and staff, are guided by the following values:  

1.  Provision of a safe, accessible, supportive, effective and efficient environment for clients, their families, and staff.

2.  Services being provided by staff where competence is assessed, maintained, and developed through opportunities that support professional growth.

3.  Ensuring the rights and needs of individuals served are supported while appropriate treatment, care, and services are determined, provided and coordinated.

4.  Provision of processes designed to help monitor, analyze, and improve client outcomes.

      In addition to these values, services provided to children and their families are also guided by the Pennsylvania CASSP Principles.  In brief, these principles suggest services for children should be developed and delivered that are child-centered, family-focused, community-based, multi-system or collaborative, culturally competent, and provided in the least restrictive/least intrusive setting.

From the context of our mission, guiding values, and client population, strategic planning discussions among and between governance, staff and stakeholders have identified potential near-term and long-term priorities.  Priorities considered have included expansion of services to other geographic areas, development and implementation of other services, and improvement of current services.  Our vision is to not only be the largest provider of behavioral health care services, but also the most effective provider of behavioral health care services.  Given the consensus between strategic planning priorities and our vision, ACCG governance has selected improved services as priority.