Lead Mental Health Workers     

 Lead Mental Health Workers provide a variety of services to ACCG including, parent advocates, peer advocates, coordination of activities, training, parent and agency newsletters, training recruitment, technical support,  and public relations.   All of our Lead Mental Health Workers were Therapeutic Staff Support Workers who demonstrated exceptional skills as child care workers, in addition to leadership ability.   Current TSS workers who feel that they have special skills that could be of benefit to ACCG are encouraged to apply for Lead Mental Health positions as they become available.  All of these positions are filled by qualified ACCG TSS workers. 



Activity Coordinators               

If you've been to ACCG sponsored activities then you probably know these lead mental health workers.  They are responsible for planning the fun and therapeutic activities that TSS can do with their clients.  These activities include everything from Poster Contests, Monthly Activities and Crafts, and sports activities. 

Parent Advocates


Bette and Kathy are responsible for visiting the parents of our clients in TSS services.   They assist our clients in accessing services of benefit to them that ACCG does not provide.  They are also creating a resource guide for parents to put them in touch with community resources that they might be in need of.

Human Resources/Recruitment


Organizing, setting up, and recruiting, perhaps these mental health workers helped you decide to apply to be TSS workers with ACCG at a college fair or a local fair.  Responsible for putting our agency's best foot forward and recruiting the finest TSS workers available these men are knowledgeable about all the staff positions available within the agency.

Technical Support


     Brian Englemore

Brian is the editor in chief of our Parent Newsletter, and Employee Newsletter.  If any of you have any ideas or suggestions for upcoming publications, please see Brian.

Training Coordinator (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention)

  Chuck Haskell            

Have you had your yearly booster shots?  It won't hurt but it is mandatory that all staff have Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training.  Our well trained (and not people who you would want to meet in a dark alley if you were a bad guy), staff will teach TSS workers how to deescalate a situation and deal with almost any situation that might arise.   Please check the white binder in the TSS room to sign up for mandatory re-certification training.