Everyone needs friends. They are a principal source of happiness and hope in our lives. However, the ability to make friends varies from person to person. To some people, making friends is easy, and to others itís very difficult.

We all have the capacity to make friends. Unfortunately, many people never reach their potential. Making friends is a skill, and the first step in developing that skill is knowing how to get along with others.

People who are good at getting along with others take an interest in what other people like. They learn to develop interests that make them enjoyable to be around. Therefore, the more things that your child knows how to do that involve interacting with other kids, the more opportunities he or she has to make friends.

If your child has trouble making friends, here are some things he or she can do:
  • Realize your own strengths. You have skills and talents that others can enjoy. Some people donít let others see their goodness. Believe that you are a good person who has something to share with others.

  • Develop a sense of humor. Learn to laugh at yourself and your shortcomings. It will relieve some of the stress in your life. If you ever feel like poking fun at someone, let it be you, never anyone else. Smile, smile, smile.

  • Respect the rights of others. They have their opinions; you have yours. Different opinions are healthy. Learn how to listen to others without putting them down or trying to convince them that your opinion is right.

  • Be kind. Throughout your life, you will learn that if you are kind to others, they usually will be kind to you. When should you start being kind? Right now. Give someone a compliment. Open the door for someone. Wave to a friend. Encourage someone who is discouraged. Say something positive. There are hundreds of little things you can do to show kindness.

  • Be empathetic. Try to understand what others are going through. Look at life through their eyes. If you empathize with someoneís feelings, you can help.

  • Donít complain. People get tired of listening to constant whining. Life doesnít always go the way you want. Learn to accept what you canít change, and work hard to change what you can. Replace the time you used to spend complaining with time spent being kind.

  • Never give up. Even if you are faced with negative, closed-minded people, never give up. Donít let them change you into one of them. Find people who will appreciate you

This information was taken from A Good Friend: How to Make One, How to Be One by Ron Herron and Val J. Peter.