This page is for TSS  and MT staff looking for activities or information related to TSS work. 

Reminder Concerning your Paperwork

Please make sure that your encounter forms are always signed by the parent. There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding who can sign the encounter form. THE CLIENT CANNOT EVER SIGN THE ENCOUNTER FORMS. They must be signed by the parent even if the client is 14 years of age or older. If you have an in-school client, the teacher should sign the daily signatures, and the PARENT MUST SIGN the verification at the bottom at the end of each week. When you turn in your paperwork, you MUST have a parent or legal guardian signature at the bottom for your paperwork to be processed. This is the only way that the State will allow us to bill for your hours.



Your clinical lead cannot approve late paperwork.



TSS Supervision

You are required to meet with your clinical lead on a weekly basis. Weekly supervision meetings are a minimal requirement of your position as a TSS worker.

Case Staffings

TSS are required to attend staffing meetings for each case you are assigned to work. Thanks to those who do attendJ Failure to attend supervisions/staffings will be documented in your personnel file and will serve as a determinant for pay increases, etc. The treatment team should coordinate a schedule in advance to ensure that this monthly staffing occurs. Parental involvement is extremely important to the overall success of a child’s treatment. Parents should actively participate in team staff meetings. 

TSS workers are to make contact with ALL of their clinical leads each week. It is not good enough to only touch base with one supervisor, if you work on 2 or 3 different cases. Again, missed meetings will be documented in your personnel file. 

TSS/Supervisor Relationship

Your case supervisor is your immediate contact person for questions regarding your client hours, daily/weekly work schedule, etc. TSS workers are to follow the clinical recommendations of the case supervisor. Therefore, if the MT and/or BSC ask for you to complete tracking logs, participate in staff meetings, change your daily schedule, etc., you will need to follow.

***A team approach is so important! Everyone’s hours are IMPORTANT (TSS, MT, BSC). Therefore, a schedule MUST be coordinated to ensure that all services are being implemented to provide the best treatment for the client. We all need to be a little flexible

TSS Placements

All TSS placements are to be coordinated through Jim George. In the past, we have had workers who have attempted to coordinate their own assignments. Please complete a “request for hours” form and submit to Jim George. Jim will authorize all TSS placements.

***Kareem Holloway coordinates the MT and BSC case assignments. As with the TSS placements, MTs and BSCs are not to coordinate their own case assignments. Kareem will be happy to sit down with you individually to explore new cases as they become available. Or, you may leave a note in her mailbox and she will contact you.

Late Paperwork/Paperwork with Numerous Mistakes

Paperwork is due to the office every Monday by 6pm. Late paperwork and workers with major mistakes will be have this information documented in their employee personnel file. For those who continuously have mistakes on their paperwork, we will now require these workers to attend a mandatory paperwork training.

Cell Phones

When working with your client, cell phones are NOT permitted. NO EXCEPTIONS! Workers that continue to break this rule will receive disciplinary action. If you work with a client in school, your cell phone should be left in your car!

Professional Staff Training Requirements

Full-time MTs and BSCs must receive 15 hours of training on a yearly basis. Part-time MTs/BSCs; 7.5 hours per year.

TSS Worker Training Requirements

New TSS workers: Prior to working along with a child, you must receive no fewer than 15 hours of training; and within the first 6 months of working with a child, no less than an additional 24 hours of training.

Ongoing TSS Training Requirements

***All TSS workers must receive at least 20 hours of training each year.

Monthly Trainings

ACCG has a great monthly training program scheduled for this year. Each month, please look for the training sign-up sheets in the TSS room.

TSS One-to-One Contact

TSS workers…please stay with your client at all times! At the library, skating rink and other community activities.   

In-School Hours

Please remember to have a consistent schedule with your client in-school. The hours being provided in school should meet the needs of the client and the school, not your personal needs. If you have problems meeting those hours, please see Kareem.  


ALL TSS Workers, Mobile Therapists, and Behavioral Shaping Consultants are responsible for getting their CPI training in each year. For those of you in need of therapeutic hold training also known as CPI training, don’t worry Tina Hannasch and Chuck Haskell have you covered. Refresher classes will be offered on the following dates:   The refresher classes will take place at the Meadville office from 8:00 am.- 1:00 pm. For first timer classes, both classes must be attended to earn you official CPI Training. These classes will take place at the Jefferson office. . Call Tina Hannasch to reserve a place.

Monthly Trainings Now Offered in Meadville Office!

TSS monthly Trainings are now being held in the Meadville office...we have had a great turn out for the trainings and even some folks from the Sharon office have come for the trainings in the Meadville office!  This provides all TSS workers with the opportunity to attend not one but two trainings per month!  

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To Find Information about the School your Client Attends click here "Schools"

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