Shayen George receives Distinguished Service Award from Exceptional Parent Magazine!

Shayen George  president and CEO of Associates in Counseling and Child Guidance was honored by Exceptional Parent Magazine with the distinguished EP. Maxwell J. Schieffer Service Award Thursday evening, August 5th, 2010 during Disability Awareness Night held at PNC Baseball Park in Pittsburgh.

This award is presented to people who make an impact in the special needs community and symbolizes what can be accomplished in the face of adversity. 

Shayen George has also served on the PA State Autism Task Force and has made numerous presentations at the National Association of School Psychologist National Convention on Childhood Bipolar Disorders. Mr. George has also appeared as an expert before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Children and Youth Committee on Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2003.   Mr. George has received numerous awards for his advocacy on behalf of people living with disabilities and special needs.




That's right, we now have a 403b (similar to a 401k) retirement plan which is available to all ACCG Employees.  An All Staff Meeting is being planned to present this added benefit, watch for updates in the TSS room and here on the ACCG Website. 

ACCG is 2003 Winner of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award from the Pennsylvania Psychological Association!

At ACCG we know that providing mental health services is very stressful. We also believe that it is difficult if not impossible for our employees to provide quality services to our clients if they are themselves stressed or unhappy.  We have always given our full effort to provide a safe and efficient work environment for our employees, and to allow opportunities to relieve stress as well as flexibility to accommodate the individual needs of our individual employees.  Our family oriented philosophy has truly made us unique!    This supportive atmosphere would not be possible, however,  if it were not perpetuated by all of our employees who have truly made this a family environment.  For example, recently one of our TSS workers voluntarily gave up 10 of her ours of overtime to another worker who was short 10 hours, so that this worker could maintain adequate income for her family.  This caring and supportive environment is not only a result of the policies set by the management of ACCG, but also from the caring, family oriented, and supportive employees who have made ACCG unquestionably not only the best place to work, but the best Mental Health Agency as well. It is an honor to all employees as well as the management to receive this award.  

Full Company Paid Hospitalization for ACCG TSS Workers!

ACCG now has full coverage for hospitalization for TSS workers,   This overage costs nothing to the employees who average 28 hours or more per week.   This plan is available for part time employees as well who pay only 75 cents for every hour below the 28 hour full paid requirement.  For example if you work 20 hours per week you would pay 75 cents per hour for the 8 required hours not worked.  This is only $7.50 cents per week for coverage that includes only a $15 co-pay for regular visits to your doctor, and even provides prescription drug coverage.  TSS workers who are interested need to meet with our insurance representative, who will be in the TSS room the week of June 24th to meet individually with those of you who are interested.   We need to have 51 people sign up by July 1st to get this group plan, after the June 19th All Staff Meeting we had only 35 people sign up for this plan.   

ACCG Credit Union for Employees.  

The 717 Credit Union will even give you $10.00 (deposited into your account, just for signing up!   Our director, Shayen George, has been a member of this credit union since 1977 (you do the math, some of us weren't even born yet).   The credit union is an excellent way to improve your credit rating, and to get money for car loans, personal loans, easily and without a lot of the red tape that the bank puts you through.   You can get a free checking account, ATM card, etc. as well.  You do not have to sign up for payroll deduction to join.   It is convenient, however, to have regular payments deducted from your paycheck for savings and/or loan repayment.  They even have a Vacation Club!  You can set aside a few dollars each week and when you're off for a vacation in the summer, or even if just need the money for something else you can draw on it when you need it.  717 Credit Union even offers discounts on admission tickets to Cedar Point, Six Flags, even Disney World.   Please see our book keeper, April to sign up.